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FactPlay - Benefits of PLAY

Did you know that playing outdoors helps children develop cognitive skills, physical abilities, new vocabulary, social and literacy skills? Amazing, isn't it? To further explore the world of play spaces and its benefits, we came up with this month long series called "FACTPLAY" where we looked at some amazing facts on PLAY.

FactPlay 1:

JUMP, JUMP, JUMP because Jumping is good. Yes, jumping activates and strengthens the muscles, improves flexibility, develops balance and coordination, It also develops motor skills and helps in academics by building on self-esteem of the kids. So, GET, SET, JUMPPPPP.......

FactPlay 2:

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for the kids as much as it is for the adults. It keeps them fit, active and happy. So, how do you ensure a healthy weight for your kid? Simply, by ensuring that they have a good time to play daily.

FactPlay 3:

Next time you see a kid's glowing and happy face, be assured that its because of their time spent in doing physical activities. The adrenaline rush of the high energy activities makes the kids strong and happy.

FactPlay 4:

Play has endless benefits, yet it is not being given the importance. Rapid infrastructure development has left very little open spaces for the kids to have their own play space. Its really sad to see how little attention is given to having appropriate play spaces while planning any city or town. At Gudgudee, we understand the importance of having play time for the kids. We create unique playgrounds that could translate both into play and learning.

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