Gudgudee is a product and space design studio.

Gudgudee creates innovative indoor and outdoor play areas that go beyond the typical swings and slides.

It was started by Anjali Menon and Aditi Agrawal, alumnae of the National institute of Design, Ahmedabad, with a vision to transform public spaces in India.

What we do




We design a custom made play area after understanding your unique requirements. We detail it and execute to deliver a turnkey project.




We have a catalogue of  play elements and outdoor furniture that you can order from.




We undertake periodic contracts for the upkeep and maintenance of our play areas. 

Meet The Team

Aditi Agrawal

Co-founder & Managing Partner

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After graduating in Furniture design from the National Institute of Design, Aditi went on to become a Young India Fellow. She has received the Ford Foundation Grant, Park Elle Decor Award and NID Bosch India Changers Award for her exceptional work with ferrocement furniture. Aditi has been an active participant at the World Wood Day events that happened in China, Turkey and Nepal. 

Anjali Menon

Co-founder & Managing Partner

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A furniture design graduate from the National Institute of Design, Anjali has an eye for detail and a natural flair for forms and aesthetics. She has worked with some of the top design studios in India like Sangaru Design Objects, Rhizome, Baaya Design, Fuego Furniture and Ajay Shah Design studio. 

Saili Dandekar

Product Designer

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Saili is a Product Design Post Graduate from School of Design Studies (Dehradun). She also has a Bachelors Degree in Applied Arts from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art. She believes that good, meaningful design can impact lives positively.

Anushree Chitnis

Landscape Architect Consultant

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Anushree is a nature enthusiast with an eye for detailing and an innate ability for designing interactive and sensory landscapes. After graduating  from Dr. B. N. College of Architecture (Pune), she pursued Masters in Landscape Architecture from CEPT, Ahmedabad. 

Janhavi Keskar

Product Designer

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Janhavi is a space and furniture design graduate from MIT Institute

of Design, Pune. She like experimenting with materials and approaches while focusing on sustainable and responsible solutions. 

Product Designer

Raunaq Sandhu

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Raunaq has a Masters Degreee in Product Design from Domus academy Milan, prior to which he studied in ISDI Mumbai. He has a keen eye for detail and always on the lookout for inspiration.

Product Designer

Deepankar Gupta

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Deepankar is a Product design graduate from Pearl Academy, Delhi. He is passionate about exploring the possibilities around interactive spaces.


Sunil Coutinho

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Sunil is an a industrial designer working on all different types of interior, furniture and product design detailing, prototyping and production drawings. He also  supervises the entire project.

Awards and Recognition