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5 inspiring play spaces around The World

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Somewhere hidden in the corner of our hearts is a box full of childhood memories that take us down on a nostalgia trip. When you visit this box you realize the importance of certain memories that shape us up as an individual. One such memory for any child has to be the time spent playing in the playground. We all love our growing up years where hours were spent playing and learning in playgrounds, don’t we? A playground is an integral part of every child’s growing up years. It is a place that not only helps children develop physically and bond with each other, but also helps them learn various life skills.

The excitement of going up and down on a see-saw, the thrill of swinging to and fro and the exhilaration of sliding down a curvy slide is irreplaceable. Though, there has been a certain level of affiliation towards traditional playgrounds, times are changing and designers all over the world are combining the goodness of traditional activities with new, innovative and interactive play elements and landscapes to create play areas. These efforts are definitely changing the way children play.

Come; join us as we explore the top 5 playgrounds in the world that are both a designer’s delight and a kid’s fantasy:

1. The Rainbow Net

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At Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park in Sapporo, Japan, you can see and play with the Rainbow 365 days a year. We are talking about the much loved “The Rainbow Net” made of Crocheted yarn,an interactive installation created by Japanese fibre artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. It took her three years to complete this beautiful rainbow that has an interesting story behind its existence. It all started when two children entered the gallery where she was exhibiting her art “Multiple Hammock No.1.” Unaware about the etiquette to be followed in the gallery, the kids started climbing on the art piece. She noticed how the kids’ eyes twinkled with happiness on exploring a new play space. Their soft movements by the kids created patterns across the art thus transforming the fabric and making it alive. And with this, the colourful,“The Rainbow Net” became a reality.

2. The Rampart Wave

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A new kind of wave has been spotted in Lyon. This wave makes you climb, explore and take risk. Meet, The Rampart Wave that’s creating waves worldwide for its design. The Rampart Wave is part of the new urban and contemporary space designed for “Grand Lyon.” Based on the story of the 19th century rampart attack, The Rampart Wave is designed for learning and challenging oneself. This 1000 m² wooden playground breaks all the rules of a traditional playground and is usually under attack by the hysterical kids. What’s so unique about this playground is its complex design where one has to keep exploring the passageways and alcoves to find an entrance. But, the fun part is there are countless ways to navigate through this work of art, thus making the kids explore more possibilities.

3. Los Trompos (Spinning Tops)

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As children we all have played with colourful spinning tops. But, who would have thought that these tiny, little tops would be transformed into a beautiful art installation one day that allows you to sit inside and go spinning. This crazy thought has been put into reality by contemporary Mexican designers Hector Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena. Located at the High Museum outdoor space, these life-size spinning tops have been made by using nylon ropes which are woven in a traditional Mexican style. Needless to say, that the inspiration for these 30 three-dimensional, enormous tops is a “Spinning Top.” What makes this interactive is the visitors have to work together in order to spin the tops. Talk about some good teamwork, it definitely teaches the kids bonding and interaction.

4. Imagination Playground

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Conceived and designed by award-winning architect David Rockwell, Imagination Playground is a playground that comes in a box. Unlike traditional playground that mainly focuses on developing children’s gross motor skills, Imagination Playgrounds is an interactive, transformable environment that allows the children to create their own playspace with sand, water and loose parts. The freedom of creating their own space not only stimulates the minds of the children, but also encourages them to explore their imagination.

5. Kloden (The Globe)

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Take your kids around the “Globe” where you come face-to-face with a gigantic monster, explore nature, meet animals, and know stories about various cultures, landscapes and much more. Welcome to the Kloden (The Globe) situated in Denmark. Designed by Danish company Monstrum, this playground is divided into 5 main play areas, each representing various locations of the world thus giving children different play opportunities. Started by Denmark based designers Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen, Monstrum is known for creating unique, thematic spaces loved equally by adults and children alike. After all, it's all about living your fantasy world, isn’t it?

Hope you enjoyed these designs as much as we did. We hope to see more such interactive designs that would add fun and learning among the kids in a creative way.

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